Presentations for Indoor Spaces  
Animal Tracks and Sign
Learning the signs and tracks of animals can mean becoming a nature detective. Using the size, habitat, and behavior of local animals, particpants will discover how to read clues left behind by animals.

Appropriate for grades 3 through 5
45 to 60 minutes
Materials Fee, $5 per class
Available February, March, April
Caterpillar Caper
Participants will learn about a butterfly’s life cycle by listening to the classic Eric Carle story, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Children will “feed” the naturalist’s ever growing caterpillar puppet and watch it turn into a chrysalis. Following will be a chance for children to observe various cocoon, chrysalis, butterfly, and moth specimens. If the season permits, live caterpillars will also be present. Session closes with a caterpillar twig and sensory butterfly craft.

Designed for ages 4-6
Appropriate for PreK -1st grade
60 minutes
Materials Fee, $5 per class
Available mid June through mid September


A Visit with Miss Potter

A Visit with Miss Potter blends thoroughly researched details about Beatrix Potter's life and interests with a first-person interpretive experience. Audiences visit with Miss Potter as she paints and discusses plants, animals, fungi, weather, art, photography, her current events, and writing books. More information on the programs offered in this series is available here: A Visit with Miss Potter
Wild Conservation: Bats!
Utilizing a box of everyday items, participants discover unique and fascinating characteristics about bats. Drawing upon the latest scientific research, the audience will come away with a new appreciation for bats, their importance in their ecosystems as well as the ability to speak on their behalf.

Appropriate for grades 3 through adult
45 to 60 minutes
Available in April, June, July, and October
Wild About Weather
A basic appreciation and understanding of weather not only helps one know how to dress appropriately but also how to stay safe. With the use of engaging, hands-on colorful experiments, participants can predict and observe basic weather principles as well as learn the differences between severe weather watches and warnings.

Appropriate for grades 3 and 4
45 minutes
Materials fee, $6 per class
Available in April and May

Programs for Outdoor Places  
Creating a Leaf Collection & Tree Identification
This program reviews the materials needed to put together a quality project and what to look for when identifying a tree. Participants will practice identifcation of ten trees in order to get a good start on a leaf collection.

Appropriate for grades 3 through adult
75-90 minutes
Materials fee $5 per group
Available in September
Exploring Creative Writing in Nature
Place-based writing that focuses on challenging, exploratory and creative compostions while visualizing leadership roles and empathy towards others and the environment.

Appropriate for grades 4 through adult
30-90 minutes
Materials fee $3 per group
Available in April, May, June, September, October
Mindfulness in Nature
Fostering a deeper connection with the Earth around us, these are contemplative “games” and exercises developed to enhance one’s appreciation of self and nature. Participants will work toward cultivating curiosity, having direct experiences with nature, and practicing close observation.

Appropriate for grades 3 though adult
60 minutes
Available April, May, September, October
Seasonal Nature Hike
Families and adults can enjoy the season with a guided walk along an area nature trail with an Interpretive Naturalist. Participants will experience different sensory opportunities in the wilderness. All ages welcome. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Dress for conditions.

Appropriate for all ages
75-90 minutes
Available in February, May, September, October
Wild Flower Walks
Patterns emerge when exploring wild flowers that make identification an enjoyable pastime. Counting petals, observing leaf arrangement, and consideration of habitat are key steps. Participants will have a chance to practice learning wild flowers with guided interpretation.

Appropriate for grades 3 through adult
75-90 minutes
Available in late March, April, May, and early June
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