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A Visit with Miss Potter


Step into a room filled with books, paintings, and treasures from nature.  At a table in the back is a lady thoughtfully poring over a large album. She stops occasionally to study something through a magnifying glass. A closer look reveals she is creating a picture with watercolors from a wooden paint box. With a gentle greeting, she encourages exploration of her workspace. She sounds as if she is from England. Scattered amongst the shells, bones, and dried fungi are paint brushes, unusual looking coins, an old map, and a pen that must first be dipped in ink before it will write. After a sip from her tea cup, she looks up from her work and begins to tell a story....

A Visit with Miss Potter
A Visit with Miss Potter A Visit with Miss Potter
Peter Rabbit's Holiday with Miss Potter Miss Potter's Art
Miss Potter's Art Miss Potter's Art

In the Garden with Peter and Miss Potter
In the Garden with Peter and Miss Potter

In 2002, Bobbie Sue attended the Beatrix Potter Study Conference in Ambleside, Cumbria, which featured lectures from professionals from all over the world. In the afternoons, she visited nature reserves, villages, and homes that were a part of Beatrix's life. She presented her first-person portrayal of Beatrix Potter to members of the Beatrix Potter Society who critiqued the content so that her interpretation is not only historically accurate but respectfully represents the details of Miss Potter's life. Later that year for the Tales of Miss Potter, Bobbie Sue received the Ohio Parks and Recreation Association's Annual Award of Distinction - Outstanding Award for Youth Programming.

A Visit with Miss Potter has been presented to thousands of school children in northwest Ohio as well as the Kelton House in central Ohio and Children's Museum of Indianapolis, the world's largest children's museum. For more information about scheduling a program for your organization, contact:

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Artwork by painted Bobbie Sue